Why your business needs a social media strategy

Social media is a powerful force for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to connect with millions of potential customers in a timely, intimate and interactive way. And unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, it’s low-cost, greatly levelling the playing field for small-to- medium businesses.
But to make the most of social media it’s […..]

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How theatres can embrace social media

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Wwth social media becoming more and more integrated into the way we communicate, interact and do business, the possibilities for theatres and theatres companies to use social media to promote, innovate and engage are limited only by their imagination (which for creative theatre types means the possibilities are endless).

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social media success story: Obama

One great approach to social media for your business, is to learn from those who went before you, and who have had great success. And what better success than becoming President of the United States? So how can we learn from Obama’s social media strategy?

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