Take flight

Do you need help launching a new product, event, cause or campaign? In this new age of social media, there are more communications, PR and advertising options than ever before. So how do you determine the best approach for your campaign?

At social central, we specialise in campaigns for the digital age, to ensure you have the right blend of traditional and online media to get the best results for your budget.
Community Management

Do you need help building a community on social media? We can help you put a strategy in place to engage with your target market, build a community around your brand and attract media attention. We can even train your employees to carry it out and once you’re up and running monitor your progress and provide feedback to ensure you stay on track to meet your objectives.

Facebook Competitions

Facebook and twitter competitions are one of the fastest ways to attract the right audience and grow your community. At social central we can help you create, design and implement social media competitions to meet your goals.

Social Media Advertising

Have you considered advertising your product, cause or campaign on facebook or LinkedIn? Social media presents an efficient and targeted approach to advertising to suit a range of budgets. At social central we can help you determine if this is a good strategy for you.

Events Marketing

In this digital age, there are so many more opportunities for marketing events than ever before from social media to e-newsletters, blogs, forums and online PR. So it’s important to ensure your communications strategy is taking advantage of all the opportunities available.

At social central we specialise in creating integrated communications strategies to ensure your event attracts the most attention possible within your timeframe and budget.

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