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So you’ve got a new facebook page or twitter account for your business. But you don’t have any followers yet. Social media is a unique medium with its own set of rules and intrigues. So before you start spamming all your poor friends, clients and business contacts, here are some social media basics to boost your popularity online without stepping on any cyber-toes.

  • Social media is not about pushing your product but about adding value to others, and receiving social ‘karma’ in return. So before expecting anyone to interact with you online, do unto others first. Answer people’s questions on twitter, comment on their blogs and retweet things your customers and community will find interesting. This will help you start to build a community, which is what social media is all about.
  • It’s not important what you say about yourself, but other people say about you. Trying to sell products or services online is not only bad etiquette but futile as nobody reads or syndicates advertisements. The best way to promote your brand is to provide useful information to your clients and alliances – these posts will be retweeted, added to websites and sent around to friends.
  • Social media is an interpersonal medium and without an ‘intimate’ or ‘personal’ element it fails. So be sure to show your own individual flavour and humanity. If you don’t reveal anything more about yourself than what people can get from your website or from reading your marketing material, people are unlikely follow.
  • Social media requires constant interaction to succeed. With social media you only get out what you put in. Just having a facebook page will not earn you any friends. You need to add value by opening up discussion, commenting, participating in online forums and discussions and generally connecting with others.

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