social media success story: Proctor & Gamble

For many companies social media marketing is an enigma. While the end goal is to increase sales, social media etiquette dictates that you DON’T directly push your sales message. So what DO you do?

One extremely successful approach is to build a community around your brand while keeping your products in the background. Leading consumer brand Proctor & Gamble (P&G) successfully used this approach to sell female hygiene products with their beinggirl campaign.

Instead of trying to use to social media to directly sell female hygiene products, with P&G created a vibrant and engaged community, and lead discussions around how it feels to go through adolescence and turn into a young woman.

The community includes blog posts, expert forums, an interactive facebook page and a video series called Talk It Out.

Naturally, as menstruation is a big part of growing up, female hygiene products form an important part of the discussion, and P&G is able to lightly publicise their products. However, the primary focus is on creating a place where young girls feel comfortable and happy to come and discuss these issues.

So P&G add value first, and push their products second. And according to them, this has been an extremely successful strategy for them. Beinggirl receives 2 million visitors per month, has reached a global audience and is now available in 50 different languages. Best of all, P&G say their community approach is four times more effective than their traditional marketing efforts.

When used properly, community building can be an extremely effective approach to expanding brand, attracting brand advocates and creating trust between you and your clients, and in the end this is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.

So when developing a social media strategy for your business, it’s a good idea to consider how to add value to potential clients and and begin building a community around your brand.

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